Building a Monument to First Responders

Golf Ball Drop Today at Stony Creek about 5 pm!!!!

The Oak Lawn Rotary Club would like to thank everyone who purchased golf balls and help to build our monument in this very unique way.

Everything is in place. The weather looks perfect. The Oak Lawn Chamber of Commerce golf outing is about to begin. The helicopter is gassed and ready. Balls are numbered and ready to load. Our measuring team is standing by.

Here’s the timeline for today’s Ball Drop:

  • Chamber of Commerce Outing will be ongoing throughout the day. There will be lunch, golf, mini-golf and dinner. Tickets may be purchased at the door if you care to make a day of it. It is a beautiful day!
  • About 5:00 pm, the helicopter will arrive, circle a few times and then land.
  • Golf balls will be loaded.
  • The pilot will take off and the balls will drop!
  • When the helicopter is done, the measuring committee will move in and determine the 10 closest balls.
  • The winning ball numbers will be announced!

Good luck everyone! We hope to see you today at Stony Creek!

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