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Motherhood – “The Opposite of Terrorism”

Motherhood - "the opposite of terrorism"

With apologies to fathers everywhere for posting this so close to Father’s Day, here is Artist Erik Blome’s depiction of Motherhood. This will be placed on one of the bronze spires of the Oak Lawn Rotary Club’s 9/11 First Responder Memorial.

I had to think a bit about what Motherhood would be doing on a Monument to First Responders. After reflection, mothers are the original First Responders in our lives. We all looked to Mom for comfort and support from our earliest age. Blome calls Motherhood “the opposite of terrorism,” and he’s right! Motherhood stands for nurturing, love, growth and support. This is the message we want on our Monument!

Please support our Monument! Plan on being at Dancing Under the Stars and Stripes on June 25th! For tickets, call John Zawaski at (708) 259-5460. For information, please CLICK HERE.

Motherhood - "the opposite of terrorism"

Relief of Motherhood to be Cast in Bronze for the Monument