Building a Monument to First Responders

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New panels reveal more images of First Responders for Oak Lawn Memorial

Artist Blome in his studio working on images of First Responders

Artist Blome in his studio working on images of First Responders

This photo, straight from Artist Erik Blome’s studio shows new sculptural details. Relief sculptures and sculptures in niches will cover the entire surface of two spires. The relief sculptures depicted in the photo will be transferred to the large spire prior to casting.

As I look at them, I can only imagine what these first responders are facing before them. You can see how Erik is developing a story within each one. The police officer is depicted with curves and flowing lines to simulate speed and action. The firefighter faces swirls which may be smoke, which his arm disappears into.

The artist wanted me to show these, but also wanted me to remind people that these are works in progress and can be changed many times over before the final piece is ready for casting.

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