Building a Monument to First Responders

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Introducing our local Monumental Partners

The Village of Oak Lawn,  Oak Lawn Police Department,  Oak Lawn Fire Department,  Department of Public Works, Local 150 International Union of Operating Engineers and the Oak Lawn Rotary Club have partnered together to do what it takes to make this the best monument to first responders in the midwest. There are other participants in this project who are not local who will be featured at a later date. In the days ahead, we’ll highlight the contributions of each of these organizations. Today, we’re just introducing our local monumental team.

Your Local Monumental Team

Over 1,500 Hits

Last night we had our 1,500th visitor to our blog! Thanks for viewing, sharing and being as excited about this project as we are. Please tell your friends!

What have other communities done?

Monument in Atlantic Highlands, NJ - Photo from (see link below)

Click the links to see the sculptures:

Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Jacksonville, NC
Palm Beach Gardens, FL – Proposed Monument
Jersey City, NJ
Lafayette, LA

Channel 4 Coverage of the Caravan’s Arrival

Thanks to Carl for sharing the video!

Christmas Rumor?

There are rumors today that our driver is really from the North Pole and not Fennville, MI.... Can anyone confirm this?

Lt. Art Clark talks about our Monumental Project

An interview with Lt. Art Clark, of the Oak Lawn Police Department.  Art talks about his idea for the project and his vision for the Monument.

Donation Inquiries

We are very humbled by the many individuals who have contacted us with a desire to make donations to this project. Our formal fund-raising drive will begin after the Holidays. For now, inquiries on how to donate can be sent to the Treasurer of the Oak Lawn Rotary Club at The outpouring of support from the community is much welcomed and we are extremely grateful.  Thank you very much, and please continue to watch this space for more opportunities for getting involved in our Monumental Project.

Monumental Beam Facts

Beams from the WTC will be used in Oak Lawn's Monument

Just how big are these beams? They’re HUGE. They’re so big that special permits were necessary in order to cross bridges on the way back to Oak Lawn.  Here are the details straight from the Port Authority of NY & NJ:

I-0050 192″ long x 35″ wide x 26″ high – 2722 lbs
I-0052 192″ long x 16″ wide x 8.5″ high – 1687 lbs
I-163 300″ long x 48″ wide x 45″ high – 13,200lbs
I-165 252″ long x 12″ wide x 41″ high – 7,500lbs

Beams from the WTC will be used in Oak Lawn's Monument

Heavy beams required special permits

Great Press on our Monumental Move

The Caravan with the WTC beams arrives in Oak Lawn

Thanks to for a great write-up with video. Lorraine is very dedicated. Check it out!

OakLawn.Patch.Com has a great write-up with video on our Monumental Project

Sweet Home Oak Lawn!

WTC Beams up close

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